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Yellowstone Park has many thermal areas of geysers and mud pots.

Do you have the latest version?

Hy didn't say anything about that.


What you do with it is up to you.

There is a water mill above the bridge.

Del stayed to help Brooke clean up.

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He often leaves his umbrella behind absent-mindedly.

I'm afraid I find myself compelled to agree with Janet on that.

I just thought you were happy.

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I thought that I would feel better if I got some closure after the break-up. But talking to him just made it worse.

He is not so much a scholar as a TV personality.

From now on, I promise to be punctual.

Natraj stared distantly out the window.

The damage of the disaster has been enormous.

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Anybody here?


You can't call Jinny.


Now we're ready to go.


I attended the party.

Forget the old saw: some men are, in fact, islands.

Let's not point fingers.


You don't have to beat your way.

Now we are afraid of the paradise we created.

We just got started.

Books have a fate of their own.

He was very tall and slim, with long arms and legs.

What made it difficult for you to carry out the plan?

Meg is excited.

Mann didn't want to give a definite answer until he talked to Revised.

I'll need several of those.

Have you got shampoo?

I've waited for it.

Do you want to be near Sekar?

Who cares what happens to Anna?

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I just don't want to do that right now.

I'll see you at the library tomorrow.

I have to take a leak.

Let me see if Nikolai has changed his mind.

I can't believe Rakhal was an undercover cop.

There are innumerable stars in the galaxy.

It is time I was going.


I don't like beer.

I can't tell you how to do that. You have to figure it out on your own.

He killed the goose, foolishly.

I now agree with Steen.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be!

She's eating lunch right now.

He turned his coat around.

I'm going to take Philippe to Jason's house.

Were those women in favor of votes for women?

You can't speak French, can you?

I want to be home early.

What exactly is it you want me to do?

If I eat too much chocolate, I break out in pimples.

Who shot them?

That's been made very clear.

What happened to her in Boston?

There's only two days left.

I think Jingbai is right.

I'll see to that.


Johann is the only one who ever really helped me.

I will wait for you.

This is a difficult question.

Eyes front, please.

Walt hardly smiled.


Kathryn speaks French well, but not as well as he speaks English.


Can we talk to them?

I didn't shoot anybody.

I usually don't bother with people like him.

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I'm anxious about his safety.

Claudia did well on the exam.

You won't get away with it.

She saw him saw the branch.

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.

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The fundraiser was Eileen's idea.


Has Tony been watching TV?

Why don't you try a taste of this?

This is the first time we've ever tried doing it this way.

Juri raked up all the leaves.

He is the personification of selfishness.

There were no more apples in the box.

Young children have short attention spans.

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I'm not even interested in doing that kind of thing.

He has no friends to talk with.

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He knows he acted badly.

The blood test is normal.

You're lucky Billie lent you some money.


I was challenged by a gatekeeper.

That gradually became his habit.

Just tell them not to worry.

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He knows how to cut the engine.

I'm going to die tonight.

I have a paper tumbler.

He sent out the parcel the day before yesterday.

I am exhausted from a two-hour examination.

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She wanted him to say that he loved her.

The water came up to my knees.

I ate the yoghurt.

I want to see Judith before I leave.

Children should not be given more money than is needed.

I agree with Fletcher's opinion.

Morton had a falling-out with Luke.

We hope that this new product satisfies your clientele.

The way he spoke attracted the attention of a famous writer.

The girl combed her doll's hair.

The heater is broken.


I never felt like I fit in.

I'm starting to get used to the food here.

When the water vapor in the atmosphere cools, it condenses back into little droplets of liquid water, forming clouds.

No one dances sober, unless he is insane.

He speaks Chinese.


The students like to personalize their name tags by drawing pictures on them and using vibrant markers.

She's rather clueless.

I'm just thinking about the baby.


Leith didn't want to go to the party, but ended up having a ball.


A bad workman always blames his tools.

The people look like trash from here.

While Adam was rock-climbing, he fell and broke his leg.

We've got a mystery to solve.

Did you talk to Novo yesterday?

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Let's see what will happen.


I didn't have any great expectations, so there are no big disappointments.

I've been away too long.

He was always different from other children.

Apples are sold by the dozen.

May your belongings be new, may your friends be old.

Our party will resist to the bitter end.

Naomi believes you.

They know you were the one who visited Fletcher the night before he was killed.

I need the whole place organized, cataloged and cleaned.

Stephanie has a lot of guts.

Frankly speaking, his speeches are always dull.

We've found Lindsay.

Hello Lisa.

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I know Rudolf and Mahesh used to be good friends.


Astronauts wear spacesuits.

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Would you like some champagne?

The party's Sunday.

It sounds pretty good.

The room hasn't been cleaned recently, so it now has a foul aroma.

Sedovic is a bit of a sissy.

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Loren didn't do well on today's test.

We went into the woods in search of insects.

I am proud to call him my teacher.


There's not much difference between the two schools.

I am your elder sister.

If there's something I ought to know, I'd like to hear it.

Earnie bugs everyone.

Thank you for seeing me.

Is it true that Stephen joined a cult?

I can't forgive any of you.


Is there something wrong with your hearing?


It took Sergiu a long time to find Kevan's house.

Your father won't buy it.

Hmm, did we have some breadcrumbs?

Alexander knows some French.

Come back soon.

Cory has a reservation.

According to my teacher, I'm a good pupil.

The bird likes rice.

Do you go shopping at the weekend?

That's the one thing I can't do.

Brender plays soccer with his friends after school almost every day.


Juliane said that he wanted to learn French.